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OUR HomeSchoolers PROGRAMS


The homeschoolers group program consists of customized hands- on activities that teaches kids various science and math concepts. The kids learn to apply these concepts and engineer solutions to close to real life problems.

The course work also encourages creative thinking, observation, implementation and team work. To keep the class interesting for the young minds we use art as an aid in a lot of our classes.


The course work includes the following and more,


Computer Engineering: Introduction to coding. Learn to make your own animated stories and games


Electrical Engineering: Learn various electrical concepts like open/ close circuit, how does the light glow, how does a motor turn and implement this knowledge to make light up cards, wearable light up jewelry etc.


Structural engineering: Build tall towers, construct bridges, make castles while learning about the importance of a strong foundation in a structure.


Aerodynamics: learn about aerodynamics by making your contraption float in wind tube, launch paper rockets, and make airplanes fly.


Chemical Engineering: Have fun making slime, elephants toothpaste and learn about polymers by making wiggle polymer worms.


Mechanical engineering: Learn the concepts of pneumatics and hydraulics by making construction al equipment like excavator.


Robotics: Learn the basics of robotics by designing and using various kinds of robots like art- bot, bug-bots, line following robots, etc.


We conduct summer camps and after school programs. We can setup a customized curriculum for your home schooling group. Please let us know if you need more information or would like to setup a phone call.